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Mak Ling Ling 2017 Life & Wealth Seminar

Hong Kong based feng shui master and relationship expert Mak Ling Ling will be giving a talk on “Life & Wealth Seminar” on 29 October 2016, 4:30pm & 8:00pm at Genting International Showroom. Mak is one of  the Hong Kong well-known feng shui and fortune master as well as TV personality.

She started out as a part-time fortune teller in 1992 when she was working in a law firm, but four years later, she went full-time into the field when she realised her love and talent for it.

It wasn’t long before she began hosting a TV feng shui show and following that she became a TVB artist involved in movies. She has thus far been in more than 10 movies—usually playing herself, she says. “While other people have different characters, my role is always me, as Mak Ling Ling, or some well-off wife!”

And while Mak does contemplate writing scripts for TV shows someday, fortune-telling, she says, will remain her main profession and she is passionate about it. “It is all about science and statistics; the connection between humans and nature. For example, people in northern parts always suffer from cold during winter, and that is why people think that flats that are positioned facing the south have better feng shui,” she says.

Date & Venue

2016.10.29 (Sat) 4:30pm/
Genting International Showroom


Ticketing Info:

Ticket Price: at RM488 (VIP), RM388 (PS1) and RM288 (PS2)
Genting Rewards Card members enjoy lower rates at RM390.40 (VIP), RM310.40 (PS1) and RM230.40 (PS2)

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