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Pakho One Step Closer Concert Ended Yesterday

In celebration of Pakho’s  10th year in his singing career, he completed his 3 days One Step Closer . concert yesterday.

Pakho played guitar and piano along side with unique costume and stage design, targeted to thank the audience and fans.

During the concert he mentioned that without the opportunity and encouragement by the fans , he was just an ordinary recording studio assistant . He was thankful to each and everyone that supported him alone the way especially the fans.

Chilam came on stage as guest apperance  to duet with Pakho. The audience and fans were screaming with applause.

The concert’s theme was one’s life journey –  the growing up, the music career and the hope of Pakho.

This concert showed us the other side of Pakho, not the ‘artist or jack-of-all-trades entertainer’ as we see today, but the original Pakho who composed, trained vocalist, pianist and guitarist.