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Fans Rev Up by Taiwanese Rock Duo Power Station

Taiwanese veteran Rock Duo Power Station was on stage yesterday at Arena of Stars,
Genting Highlands. The duo kickstart their show with a trailer seeing both of them going
through the map and preparing their bikes  for a new gigs. Both emerged on stage as soon
as the video fades off.

Huge screaming frenzy began when the duo started presenting hits after hits. Just
when you thought you can take a break another familiar hits came along.

The group formed somewhere in 1997 and remain active tilll now. Their music are
fast-paced rock ballads, as well as their electrifying rock anthems. Their style stand out
from the mainstream Chinese pop scene because of their resemblance to typical western
Heavy Metal musicians

Janice Yan emerged on stage during mid way of the concert as special guest appearance
for the night.

Towards encore session, the audience head to the front of arena to catch a closer look
taking pictures video. Power Station rocked the arena until midnight almost midnight,
with almost 40 songs gig.