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Timeless Ballad By Air Supply At Arena Of Stars.

Two magnificent voices harmonising timeless Ballads that are memorable. Both reign as kings of timeless, making amazing music taking it out to play before crowds of all ages at the Arena of Stars last night.

The band enthrall audiences with favorites like “All Out of Love,” “Lost in Love,” “The One That You Love”and “Every Woman in the World.”

During the mid way of the concert when Graham and Russell walked down the stage and weaved through the seating area to shake hands and up-close with the auedience. Many took this opportunity to clamour a closer look for the ballad kings and took pictures with their phones.That set the mood for the rest of the concert to sway along the music.

Most of them knew lyrics of every song and  the audience enthusiastically sang along. It is so amazing and the concert was so filled with love.


Photo Credit: Galaxy Group