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Wakin Chau live at Arena of Stars 2018

Wakin Chau has always been a clean-cut and friendly image throughout his career and also best  known for his lively concerts. His vocals are superb on every of his live concert, while his cheerful  and jolliness keeps things lively. This concert is going to be spectacular.

Chau has released more than 40 albums in Putonghua, Cantonese and English, a testament to how prolific the multilingual veteran singer in the region.

Show Dates & Venue

2018.06.23 (Sat) 8:30pm Arena Of Stars

Ticketing Info:

Tickets prices include:VVIP RM908,PS1 RM608,PS2 RM508,PS3 RM408, PS4 RM308 ,PS5 RM208, available at BuyTickets official website

For more information, please call Galaxy Group hotline 03-2280 2020, or visit Galaxy Group official website, or Facebook page