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Mayday to perform at Hong Kong Disneyland

Taiwanese band Mayday, will be performing 6 shows MAYDAY 2018 LIFE TOUR – Hong Kong from May 4-6 and 11-13, 2018 at the Hong Kong Disneyland Fantasy Road Outdoor Venue (Coach Park). This will be the first time Hong Kong Disneyland Resort  provides the venue for a series of large-scale outdoor concerts .This

“We” Leo Ku World Tour in Hong Kong

Leo Ku is a Hong Kong Cantopop and Mandopop singer, actor, TV host, model, cartoonist, MV director, and producer and designer, a major figure in popular music culture. Ku will be will be performing at the Hong Kong Coliseum on 11-13, May 2018 (8:15pm) at the Hong Kong Coliseum. Show Dates & Venue 2018.5.11

Katy Perry “Witness The Tour” Live in Hong Kong

In the wake of the North American tour’s stellar reviews and added concerts, Katy Perry announces the Asia leg of WITNESS: The Tour. Produced by AEG Presents, Katy Perry will be performing in Hong Kong on 30th March 2018 at AsiaWorld-Expo, Arena. This announcement follows the addition of a South American

Miriam Yeung 321GO! Concert 2017

The popular Hong Kong singer-actress, known for her roles in movies such as Love In The Buff and Sound Of Colors, will hold her "321Go! Concert" from 29-30 Dec 2017, 1 Jan 2018 (Fri-Sat, Mon) 8:15pm; 31 Dec 2017 (Sun) 9:30pm. Show Dates & Venue 2017.12.23 (Sat) 8:15pm HK Coliseum 2017.12.24 (Sun) 8:15pm 2017.12.25 (Mon) 8:15pm 2017.12.26 (Tue) 8:15pm 2017.12.27 (Wed) 8:15pm [Additional show

Janice Vidal, is making a comeback after a nearly three-year hiatus for a brand new concert tour titled "Oh My Janice World Tour 2018" at the Hong Kong Coliseum on 12-14 January 2018. Janice is widely recognised as one of the most gifted singers in the history of Canto-pop and in

FAMA World Tour 2017

FAMA (農夫), literally meaning farmer in Chinese, is a Hong Kong hip hop group founded by DJ Tommy consisting of members C-Kwan and 6-Wing in 2000. They are part of the hip-hop wave in the mainstream cantopop music scene, which was initiated by DJTommy and LMF in the early - mid-2000s. Fama


Sandy Lam Pranava world tour Hong Kong is going to be held on 27 October - 30 October, 2017 at the Hong Kong Coliseum. A four-sided stage concert with internationally renowned top musicians, outstanding arrangements, stage design, choreography and costumes, that fans can prepare to be both energised and enlightened. Lam started her career

Watsons Water Presents C AllStar in Concert 2017

Hong Kong Cantopop quartet C AllStar will  be performing at the Hong Kong Coliseum on 20 & 21 October 2017, 8:15pm. The concert is presented by Watson Waters and organised by Media Asia Entertainment. The  group was formed in 2009 by four champions of different college singing contests. Debut in 2010,


After an unforgettable performances of G-Dragon from his last World Tour in 2013 which attracted over 570,000 fans in 13 cities and 8 countries through 27 shows. This year, G-DRAGON is performing even more amazing concerts, and plans to visit more cities than before. G-DRAGON will performing in Hong Kong on